New WAAM3D headquarter!

03 Aug 2020

New WAAM3D headquarter!

A new office and lab spaces located in the centre of Milton Keynes

WAAM3D have moved into their new headquarters, a short distance away from Cranfield University, in the centre of Milton Keynes, UK. The unit, equipped with meeting and training rooms, and part of Integra:Park, can accommodate up to 30 staff. The lab space is already kitted up with two development systems, designed and built by WAAM3D. These will be used for pre-production and industrialisation work. There is also one integration bay, which is already being used to build a RoboWAAM system destined to Addept3D, our JV with Accuron Technologies, over in Singapore. Finally, a further integration bay is dedicated to assembly and testing of WAAM3D's specialised hardware (end effectors and sensors) that are currently supplied to a selected few partners. 

Filomeno Martina