Tabs description

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We provide training on introduction to WAAM, WAAM manufacturing rules, preform generation, WAAMPlanner, WAAMCtrl, WAAMDisplay, robotic system setup, calibration procedures, pre-deposition routine, trouble-shooting, part building, WAAM metallurgy, design for WAAM

Cost studies
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We can provide you with cost estimations for production cost (as if you had your own WAAM systems on your shop floor) or for procurement cost (as if you were buying WAAM parts from a supplier).

Business case development
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Identifying components suitable for WAAM in your bill of materials might seem like a daunting task. We are happy to look for opportunities, based on several years of parts screening, cost estimations and business cases evaluation. We can then provide you with production or procurement costs to help you building your business case and promote a successful implementation of the WAAM technology.

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We can supply you with specimens and components needed to qualify WAAM processes and technology within your organisation.

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If you want to industrialise WAAM processes and technologies in your organisation, we can advise you on what machine to select, where to procure your material, which post-processing companies to partner with; as well as supporting you with training and skills development.

Customised system design
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If you have special requirements that go beyond what our catalogue systems can offer, we are happy to design a customised industrial solution to meet your needs.