We are WAAM3D





for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Why us

  • R&D since 2006
  • Multiple processes
  • Wide range of proven materials
  • Purposely designed hardware
  • Software specific for AM
  • Patented ancillary processes
Material savings %
By depositing only where needed, with as little as 2mm of machining stock, substantial material savings can be achieved
Cost savings %
By reducing non-recurring expenses, minimising material waste, and simplifying manufacturing operations, finished products are cheaper than ever
Lead time reductions %
By exploiting the digital nature of AM processing, processing steps are reduced and finished products can be obtained much more quickly

Your journey with WAAM3D

From project scoping to successful industrial implementation

1. Proof of concept at WAAM3D

WAAM3D's integrated ecosystem leverages on years of applied experience to support end-users along the journey towards industrial implementation. In the first phase, we help identifying suitable applications within your portfolio of components. After the initial discussions and the introduction to the technology, we can provide you with proof-of-concept parts, test data, and production cost-estimations. The risk is minimised by carrying out these activities at WAAM3D's headquarters.

2. Industrialisation at customer's premises

Satisfactory results are followed by the second phase, the industrialisation. Here, WAAM3D can assist you by providing integrated systems featuring our unique software and hardware framework; by providing technology-transfer services; and by supplying you with raw-materials produced specifically for additive manufacturing.

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